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A selection of my tracker based music.

Click the links to play or right-click and select save-as to download.

The full sound track to Jake's Trip 2 Saturn is now available to download as well as so full music tracks I have made and sections of work in progress.

Jake's Trip 2 Saturn - Original Sound Track

The O.S.T. to Jake's Trip 2 Saturn is available to download below.

Tracklisting and play/download links

1. Title Track Download
2. A Comic Story
3. Ship Launch
4. Sector 1
5. Sector 2
6. Sector 3
4. Sector 4
4. Sector 5
5. Sector 6

  1. Sector Ending
  2. Game Over!
  3. Nu skore! Top 10 Hit!
  4. Behold Saturn...
  5. An Easy-Medium Ending
  6. A Good Ending

Full Tracks

Full 4 minute track. Trance. Created & Uploaded 5th Feb 2005.
--> Play/Download (6MB)

A Song For Linda
Full 2:30 minute track. Stupid piano pub song in tribute to Linda. Uploaded 5th Feb 2005.
--> Play/Download (2.3)

Funkei-desu (1976 Bytes)
Full 2 minute track. Alt track with some silly off-beat drum loop layering.
Play/Download (2MB)

Phewcat (1976 Bytes)
Full 3:35 minute track. Alt track again with a beatloop-tune-switching-phatopra style.
--> Play/Download (3.5MB)

Twice (1976 Bytes)
Full 4:18 minute track. Ambience.
--> Play/Download (2MB)

MOD WhereAreU
Full 5:28 minute track. Happy upbeat track.
--> Play/Download (7.8MB) M4a


These are samples and minor works/loops

Short dance loop. 69 seconds.
--> Play/Download (1.5MB)

Alternative style music loop. 1 min.
--> Play/Download (1.4MB)

Another short alt style loop. I have tried to get the same drum sounds as in Final Fantasy VII . That game has some of the best tunes I have ever heard and is a massive inspiration. 48 secs.
--> Play/Download (1.4MB)

Short loop with some asain singing samples. Nice and simple. 50 secs.
--> Play/Download (1.1MB)

Short rage intro to a full track. 27 seconds. Uploaded 5th Feb 2005.
--> Play/Download (545k)

Dark Matter
Ambient trance loop. 27 seconds. This was written whilst sitting on the floor (no chairs available) of a SilverLink train travelling from Watford Junction to Wolverton with my Sony Laptop, in-the-ear headphones and good old Impulse Tracker. Uploaded 5th Feb 2005.
--> Play/Download (545k)

Ragga beat loop. 33 seconds. Uploaded 5th Feb 2005.
--> Play/Download (639k)

If you would like to have any of the above tracks/loops in higher bit rate (better quality) please let me know and I would be happy to email it to you.