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A selection of movies on various subjects.

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Video Game Consoles/Tech

My 360 is unplayable due to the noise it makes, games have to be turned up loud to hear them! This is a video of me replacing the fan for the "Whisper Quiet" one I recently purchased.

The Nintendo Wii compared with other consoles. I made this video on the Wii Launch day in the UK, 8th December 2007.

Upgrading the Sony Playstation 3 hard drive to 750GB. Required to handle all the stuff playstation+ throws at you :)

Half Life 2 played on a 3M MPRO 120 Pocket Projector + small video demonstrating a tv-show played from an iPod. I you love gaming and travel a lot the 3M MPRO 120 is a great device to have.

Jess Monkey Lloyd

Epic end-of-game fight with the Jess Boss!

Puppy Jess playing in the garden.

It's xmas eve and Jess doesn't want to get excited...

Playing football with our Lil Monkey, Jess the black lab

Castle Ruins

A short trip to visit Walden Castle. Located in Saffron Walden in Essex, England.


Danni takes the Specz Doorstep Challenge and fails specztacularly!