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A puzzle game
for the Commodore


The idea of PoPuP is get all the shapes into the holes as fast as possible!! When the timer runs out or you have put all the shapes into the the holes, the shapes will all 'PoPuP'!! The mouse is used to pick up the shapes and then drop them into the holes.


  • 3 different levels
  • 3 different timer limits for all 3 level
  • full speech
  • 4 Different music tracks with some rap thrown in for good measure
  • 256 Colour graphics
  • In game Instructions
  • System Requirements

    PoPuP is AGA only requires 1.7MB of hard drive space to be installed. It runs better with some fast mem but will still run with chip mem. It also requires a mouse for play.

    It should be possible to play PoPup on an Amiga Emulator, I am working on making the ADF file for this.


    appstore Download the PopUp game
    770Kb (LHa) Install File




    Coming soon!


    PopUp.mod, written with OctaMed on the Amiga 1200.
    Tracktime: 7'29
    appstore Play/Download Music
    11MB M4a Format file
    (Right Click and save-as)

    Aminet Link

    PoPuP is also listed in the excellent Aminet Archives. Click here to Visit Aminet!

    Amiga Format Review

    The following review is scanned from issue #120 Amiga Format Magazine February 1999.