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Jake's Trip 2 Saturn

Jakes Trip 2 Saturn Logo A space action game
for the Windows


You play space pilot Jake Wright. Highly trained, renown for quick reflexes and skill. You are chosen to fly the plans to the Saturn base. In order to reach the base, you must traverse 6 deadly sectors of asteroids, each getting progressively more difficult. Along the way, you must earn style points which will result in extra lives and more handling spanners which increase the ships handling.


  • 256 Colour backdrops based on real space images - mostly :-)
  • 6 Sectors of asteroids to traverse
  • Keyboard and Joystick control
  • Music tracks in all areas of the game
  • Comic style prologue
  • In-game speech
  • High score table

System Requirements

  • PC Win OS.
  • DirectX 8+
  • 32MB RAM
  • 25MB Disk Space


appstore Download Jake's Trip 2 Saturn
11.3MB (Zipped) Install Package


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The full soundtrack to this game is now available for download on the music page.