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Below are links to the 8 games available from Arremelle games.

Games are either available to play on line, to download from this site or for download/purchase from the Apple App Store.

Playable Online Games iOS Games PC GamesAmiga Games

Playable Online Games

A selection of games available to play online right away in your web browser using the Unity Web Player.

Chamber Memory
Web Browser with Unity Web Player

Test your memory in the memory chambers! See how far you can reach, can you reach the central chamber and find the hidden treasure?


iOS Games

A selection of games available on Apple iOS devices.

Jess Lloyd Teaches

Jess Lloyd teaches features a variety of mini quizzes based on various educational topics. Built specifically for the Apple iPad.

Core Run V-Type AstroDodge

Blast your V-type spacecraft through the depths of space, avoiding deadly asteroids on your mission to collect all of the Omega 400 computer parts.
Crate Crate

A puzzle game where you must arrange (by sliding and flipping) 3-D cubes in a pattern of 3 different colours.


PC Games

A selection of games available for the Windows PC

Jake's Trip 2 Saturn
Windows PC

Pilot your ship and style-dodge the asteroids on your way to Saturn in this top-down 2D classic space action game.

Krusty Asteroids
Windows PC

Stonking classic space flight game where you must avoid the asteroids for as long as possible afore the inevitable occurs. Requires at least a Quad SLI setup to run at 60fps.

Amiga Games

A selection of games available for the wonderful Amiga computer.

AGA Amiga

Get all the shapes into the holes as fast as possible before the timer runs down and all the shapes PoPuP!

Amiga with 1MB RAM

Connect 4 with scoring shapes. Classic puzzling action, what out for the police car!